Each box contains a typographical word puzzle whose solution is a popular title, term, or person. How many Mental Blocks can you solve? Click on the any of the nine book covers in the first column to look inside each book.


Place your cursor over puzzle to reveal the answer.


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Mental Blocks - At The Movies
Movies Vol #1

A Beautiful Morning

Curley Sue

The Goodbye Girl 

 A River Runs Through It

Look insideMental Blocks - At The Movies Take Two
Movies Vol #2

 Fiddler on the Roof

Bad Girls 

Fade to Black

Little Big Man

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Mental Blocks - Return to the Movies
Movies Vol #3

 Fist Full of Dollars

Little Witches

Back Beat

Top Secret

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Mental Blocks - Music of the 50s 60s and 70s
Music Vol #1

Under the Boardwalk

A Beautiful Morning


Kisses Sweeter than Wine

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Mental Blocks of the 70s 80s and 90s
Music Vol #2

Undercover Angel

Club at the End of the Street

The Tide is High

The Curly Shuffle

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Mental Blocks - Famous Faces
Famous Faces

Harrison Ford

Count Basie

The Three Stooges

Blair Underwood

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Mental Blocks - Sports

Base on Balls

Touch Down

Back court

Win in Overtime

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Mental Blocks - TV Time
TV Vol #1

Little House on the Prairie

Little Rascals

Seventh Heaven

All in the Family

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Mental Blocks - TV Reruns
TV Vol #2


Love American Style

Due South

My Two Dads

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