Toasts for your true love
Step away from the chocolates and drive past the corner flower vendor, and that lingerie store, too. Your better half doesn’t really want these material things. Their true secret desire is to be a rock star with you, the number one fan, prepared to shower them with attention. The U.S. Post Office delivered more than one billion Valentine's Day cards last year proving that modern-day Romeos and Juliets want words of affection to make their cups runneth over.

Why Words?
Cupid’s candies might bring both of you short-term satisfaction, but such sugary love can sabotage the long-term New Year’s resolutions to lose those holiday pounds. Best to avoid the guilt and regret. Some folks believe that traditional red roses have a down side, too. The ever-increasing expense for flowers that wither within a week isn’t worth the investment. Frequently the good deed is forgotten well before you down your first St. Patrick’s Day beer.

But an original verse to your true love on Valentine’s Day etches a memory in the heart and on the mind. Most people have learned from our tough economy what really matters is your partner – the person by your side who supports you and your dreams. Now is the time to say so.

For Him
A man wants to brag about how his sweetheart treated him on this special day. He might delight in a homemade pancake breakfast or a romantic dinner for two, but he’ll also enjoy a surprise voicemail message before his morning coffee.

There are a myriad of ways,
That you compliment my days.
I adore each one,
With ever more fun,
Our life of endless holidays.

For Her
A woman longs for a tale to tell her girlfriends, for years to come, of how her man spoke sweet words that stirred her soul. So, write or recite a romantic phrase and share with your cutie-pie how she enchants you.

Did you know my heart skips a beat?
For you are my heavenly treat.
I’ll say today and I’ll repeat,
You make my life true and complete.

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