Clock Watcher

Clock watchers get left behind in economic times

Waiting for the perfect time to pitch an idea, write a query letter or send a resume? Then you might have missed the proverbial boat because your competition isn’t slowing down. Many people are fond of playing the waiting game, but the smart money is on folks following through during the slow season.

We’ve all heard “Businesses don’t hire during the holidays” and “I’ll have to update my resume.” Current excuses revolve around the

stalling economy: “I’ll start calling when things begin to pick up.” Until that magic time occurs, citizens head home to watch a little boob tube, grow old and complacent about the lack of prospects. Internal justifications quickly transform into the new procrastination tool and before you can say HDTV you’re hooked on the latest soap-opera-reality-game TV show.

Employers are constantly asking associates to do more with fewer resources. The new mantra – work smarter, not harder – is no longer lip service, it’s expected of every employee. American inventor and businessman Thomas Edison said it best: “There is a better way to do it. Find it.”

If your industry is truly slow then your first priority is to make yourself the top qualified talent and shine through the sea of mediocrity. Surpass the rest by being the best.

We are all sales people. We sell ourselves to prospective employers at a job interview, present our company’s goods to current and future customers, or write query letters to pitch our great American multi-million-dollar novel to an agent. And if you’re truly honest with yourself, you know there’s always something to do, like cultivate existing relationships to network for your eventual net worth.

Every farmer knows you wake up early, plant seeds now to harvest a fruitful future. Instead of watching the clock tick by, use those idle hours to improve or develop a new skill set.

Stop loitering in your life. Learn to reach out for assistance from a friend, boss or mentor and use your time wisely. Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or personal steps of success, winners know, the slow season is the grow season.

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