Tasteful Toasts Yoga Cat

Did you know your friendly feline’s vibrational purr and breathing pattern can improve your speaking skills? Really. Scientists have determined a cat's purr measures between 20 and 50 hertz, which can ease your stomach pain, promote bone growth, boost immune systems, and reduce stress. Cat owners will agree a content cat in the lap generates a warm purring sensation that induces relaxation. Humans can mimic similar purring sounds through simple vocal exercises to produce a stronger, more resonant voice.

The first step in building a more powerful and captivating voice involves Zen Cat’s language rule number one: The better you breathe, the better you speak. To begin, my young kittens, you must understand how a word is heard. Air is inhaled into the lungs, pushed up from the diaphragm through the throat, and out the nose and mouth. Add a vibration (purr) to the air flow and a sound is produced – the speaking voice. The Tao of Meow focuses on the three resonating chambers: throat, nose, and mouth.

Start by saying one syllable words with ONG, like song, tong, bong, or pong. Use your fingertips to feel either side of your throat, just below the jaw line. The vibrations you feel can project your voice across a long horizontal distance, propelling it to the back of a large room.

Hold your nose with minimal pressure and hum AWN words (pawn, lawn, fawn). This nasal frequency assists with vertical distance when you want to SHOUT to the rafters.

Close your mouth and lightly press your finger to your lips as in the international sign for quiet. Now hum UM words (hum, sum, rum) and feel your lips buzz with electricity. Your oral resonance chamber is where pronunciation and clarity of words form.

Practice humming or saying ONG, AWN, and UM words six times until you can pronounce each sound with maximum effect. Each sound can be used separately to create a desired effect, but blend all three frequencies together, and you will produce a powerful voice that can go the distance.

These techniques are also known to reduce tension in your neck, shoulders, and chest, which can unleash your natural voice. When you control your breath, you take control of your speaking voice. You’ll improve your ability to roar upon command and make your audience purr.

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