Love or Money

Speak from the heart and become wealthy

When you give a brief heartfelt wedding toast, you are paid in appreciation, kindness and gratitude. If you give a lecture with the same caring conviction, you’ll be showered with applause and cash for a job well done. Both types of speeches create exhilaration and contentment. The key is to lead with love.

Tender Talk
It may seem surprising to compare newlywed wishes with a corporate seminar, but mixing business and pleasure can make a winning combination. When you offer words of wisdom to a young couple, you’re sharing thoughts from the heart based upon your own experiences in hopes they’ll have a brighter future. As a sincere speaker you make an honest connection with the crowd, convey a message that will inspire, energize or call folks to action and they comprehend that you care. And when the light bulbs brighten over their inquisitive heads, your heart and chest will swell with satisfaction.

Discover Hidden Talents
Finding the right words for a tasteful toast or narrowing your niche for a passionate and powerful topic to place you squarely on the speaker’s circuit may take time. One way to tap into your talents is to turn the tables: pretend you’re on the receiving end of the presentation. What would you want to hear? Determine what would help or inspire you then write it down.

Brainstorm with your spouse, mentor or best friend and identify key elements that made a difference in your life. Use the top three points from your list and prepare a speech. Reread. Rewrite. Rehearse. When it is time to present, your earnestness will be evident and your voice will naturally project the passion.

For Love or Money?
Successful seasoned speakers frequently say they get paid for doing something they love: sharing their thoughts and ideas so people can better themselves. It’s

Love or Money

almost criminal. As a professional magician, I have frequent opportunities to apply my craft in public and private. On a long plane flight to my next show I watched a mother in the adjacent seat desperately try to quiet her cranky child. Fellow passengers were clearly fed up and would do anything to make the kid shut up – er, I mean, be quiet. I leaned across the aisle and pulled out a long thin balloon from my pocket and captured the little one’s attention. Within 60 seconds I made a cute pink poodle balloon animal and released the inner cabin pressure. I was instantly the wealthiest person on the plane.

I shared the story with my audience later that night and received joyous hoots and hollers. A heckler tried to barge into the act and I asked, “Do you need a pink poodle, too?” I got the laughs and my interloper was effectively shut down. Does it get any better? Sure does, because I got paid to have fun.

Take your favor topic and present it passionately and sincerely. Should you do it for the principle or gorgeous greenbacks? I say: Both. Your heart will sing with satisfaction – a priceless feeling – and any material response beyond that inner tune will add to your wealth.

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