Tasteful Toasts New Year Nuptials

New Year’s resolutions are all about making a promise to new beginnings, both to yourself and to the one(s) you love. Whether it’s spoken words sealed with a kiss or a written contract signed and witnessed, you pledge to modify your lifestyle. I offer three tips and toasts to jumpstart your New Year’s nuptials.

Write it down.

Write a realistic list, large or small, of your aspirations. Avoid vague goals like, “I want to save more money.” Be positive, definitive, and include a target due date to help motivate, “I will save twenty-five dollars a week, for the next three months, starting January 1.” You’ll net a cool $300 by the end of March and gain a bankable new habit.

Here's to your health this New Year's night,
Wishing your future is wealthy and bright.

Take immediate action.

Determine the first step necessary to achieve your goal and do it now! If saving money is your ultimate goal, take twenty-five dollars out of your wallet now and set it aside. Don’t have it? How about five bucks today and every day for the next seven days? That’ll equal thirty-five dollars a week and you’ll exceed your goal.

Avoid the worry, avoid the fear
Time to get yourself in gear!

Follow through daily.

Consistency is the key to success. Look at your list every day and determine the next step you need to take and, well, take it. If it’s five bucks a day or three today and seven tomorrow, follow through, daily. Each incremental success brings you closer to your overall goal.

Fifty-two weeks of fortitude,
Affords me much gratitude.

You can enlist the support of friends and family. They, too, might have similar goals and you’ll become a mutually supportive, encouraging, and winning team.

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