Tasteful Toasts Tongue Twister

Count Dracula had a noticible foreign accent and Frankenstein mumbled. Both could have improved their speaking abilities and been less frightening if they had practiced saying a tongue twisters before greeting others. Speaking with proper enunciation, articulation and at a comfortable rate of speed for your presentation style can calm your nerves, improve the quality and clarity of your speech, as well as fully engage your audience.

Tongue twisters are frequently used in speech therapy for adults, foreign language students, and children to help overcome the four main articulation disorders: Substitutions, Omissions, Distortions and Additions – a.k.a. SODA.

Try the following twisters to test and tame your tongue – it’s therapeutic!

The Rules

To get the most out of your tasteful Halloween tongue twisters:

1. Say each tongue twister slowly, pronouncing each word clearly and correctly.

2. Pick two or three tongue twisters per day and repeat slowly three times each.

3. Gradually say the tongue twisters faster, stopping if you trip over words.

Substitutions (R, V and W) – Sounds of a letter replaced for another, like “w” for “r” in “wabbit” for “rabbit.”


  • Rabid rabbits ran around the rugged rocks.
  • Vernon Vampire visits various vampires virtuously.
  • Werewolves watch witches wandering in the woods.

Omissions (B, D and H) – Sounds in a word that are completely omitted, like “han” for “hand.” 

  • Brad Bat bit bad black bran bread.
  • Dracula digs dreary dark dungeons.
  • The headless horseman hunts with horrible howling hounds.


Distortion(G, S and TH) - Incorrect sound causing a frontal lisp, as in “sip” for “ship.”

  • Giant, green, gross goblins ghoulishly giggle.
  • Spiders spin spacious webs in spooky houses.
  • He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts.

Additions (F, M and P) - Extra sounds/syllables added to the word, like “animamal” for “animal.”

  • Frankfurters fried in fish fat taste fresh and fine to Frankenstein.
  • Many mournful mummies moan for their mommies.
  • Professional pumpkin pickers are prone to pick the plumpest pumpkins.

Did you tax your tongue until it twisted? Terrific! The next time you tell a tongue-twisting tale, think of Tasteful Toasts.

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