Arithmesticks Puzzles FAQs

What are Arithmesticks™?

Arithmesticks™ are new hands-on interactive flashcards. Participants build math equations using miniature activity sticks, then move only one stick to make a correct mathematical expression.

Basic math know-how is reinforced while stimulating deductive and logical reasoning. There are 400 problems to solve in four categories (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

What Makes it Different?
The use of activity sticks provides a tactile interaction, making Arithmesticks™ a unique and fun way to strengthen math skills.

Solving each puzzle by moving only one stick to create a correct mathematical expression assists developing hand-eye coordination as well as visual spatial and perceptual acuity.

Objective of the Game:
Build and solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems to improve critical and lateral thinking.


Sample Arithmesticks Puzzle

popsicle sticks


"A truly elegant concept. Stimulates creative problem solving: basic brain building techniques."

Diego Rasskin, PhD 


"Clever puzzles to challenge young and old minds - and great gifts to give."

Mrs. Anderson

Van Gogh Elementary

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